Archive and document digitization

A significant step in digital transformation ensuring fast and easy access to information, which we implement in our DigiCentre or directly at your place of business.

One-time digitization

We offer one-time digitization of any archive. Part of our services is the acquisition of descriptive data necessary for subsequent storage and easier retrieval of digitized documents in DMS, CMS or other storage.

Digitization options

We digitize archives and paper documents on our own premises or directly at the client. In this case, we will build the necessary infrastructure consisting of scanners, workstations and servers. We supply all HW and SW equipment for document digitization, from simple desktop solutions to powerful digitization lines enabling complete document processing. At the same time, the client is provided with personnel resources.

Freeing up space and custom services

The offered services help free up space in archives and speed up access to stored documents. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we are able to provide an effective solution tailored to your requirements.

Service description

We are aware that our customers are unique in many ways. For this reason, we provide individual solutions to meet your specific requirements. Before we begin any cooperation involving digitization, we will find out what your expectations are, and at the same time, answer any questions.

The next step is to analyze the appropriate solution. We offer archive and document digitization in our secure DigiCentre or the option of delivering the necessary HW and SW, including trained staff, to your place of business. We will suggest the most suitable option for you and, if you are satisfied, we will implement the solution. This is followed by document delivery, sorting, scanning, data capture, data structure creation, back-complementation after scanning and safe return of your documents.

We use Kodak document scanners for regular size documents. For larger formats, such as technical or construction drawings, we use large-format sheet fed scanners. Both types of scanners use Kodak Capture Pro software, which provides optical check of scanned images during scanning.

The quality and security of processing are essential for us. In case of any discrepancies, we will correct the reported errors immediately. You can use our ScanLog software to monitor the processing status of your documents. At the same time, you have an audit trail of all steps of the process.

However, our cooperation does not end there. We provide technical support not only for technical emergencies, but also for further modification requests.

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Archive digitization, Book scanners

The Central Bohemian Scientific Library in Kladno was originally founded in 1897 as a federal library called the People’s Library in Kladno. In 2013 and 2014 we cooperated as a subcontractor with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, spol. s r.o. on the project Delivery of digitization services for library collections and documents related to the Central Bohemia Region.

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