scanservice and Kodak Alaris Capture Solutions

Capture solutions from scanservice and Kodak Alaris help government agencies, corporations, financial and insurance institutions serve their clients. Together, we simplify the digitization of paper documents and reduce inefficiencies to help you optimize your budgets, improve client interactions, enhance compliance and improve the security of information sharing.



Facing growing demand for digital services from the general public, government agencies on all levels, enterprises and large institutions are searching for solutions to serve the public more effectively.


Drive Efficiency and Cost Reductions

By going digital, you’re already lowering costs by taking manual steps out of your processes. You can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) with Kodak Alaris branded scanners even further. They are reliable machines that, based on independent testing, provide 99.999% document feed accuracy over two million pages scanned.

Smart features offer exceptional paper handling – from automatic page alignment to preventing multi-feeds or jams before they happen.


Ensure Confidentiality and Improve Compliance

Reports of security incidents are on the rise and weaknesses in information security policies continue to put the confidentiality of secure documents at risk.

Kodak Alaris scanners process scanned data exclusively through volatile memory. This ensures the image data is effectively erased upon shut down. They support industry standard security protocols HTTPS, WPA and TLS and ensure customer privacy and regulatory compliance.

Image Processing on the scanner means no residual image is left on scanner or PC, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris have been certified for use on government networks across the U.S. and Federal locations around the world.


Enhance Client Responsiveness and Satisfaction

With Document Scanners, Software, and Services from scanservice Kodak Alaris, data chaos can end. Together, they directly support your workflow.

Intelligent Document Protection listens for problems and alerts you in time; documents can be routed to their destinations directly; and centralized job setup (Capture Pro Network Edition) enables easier administration and ensures consistency across your operations.


How scanservice and Kodak Alaris Solve Challenges

Government agencies, corporations, financial and insurance institutions around the world are on a quest to increase productivity by replacing paper documents with digital solutions. Manual processes are slow, costly, and make it difficult to find information. scanservice and Kodak Alaris can help you with fast and efficient solutions to capture data from a variety of sources that require the conversion of records to electronic formats.