What are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

Still undecided about going paperless? No time like the present to start reaping the benefits.

More Office Space

Using prime office real estate to store business records in cabinets and boxes is costly. Scanning your documents frees up valuable space and as a result, you will have the flexibility to maximize office space for money-generating activities or reduce operating costs. At the same time you get efficient retrieval of document data from a single server, where thousands of files can be stored.

Data Protection

Storing important historical or confidential documents within the workspace can be risky. Paper can be easily damaged, lost or destroyed, plus you want to preserve these documents for years to come. Unfortunately, the aging process accelerates every time they’re handled. Document scanning is the last time a document is physically handled. It protects important information from physical deterioration and it has the added benefit of improving the legibility of old hardcopy records.

Better Data Security

Protecting hard copy information is difficult at best. Scanned documents and images can be safely kept in a secure online storage with strict security processes to provide controlled access to authorized users.

Improved Staff Collaboration

With more employees working remotely, finding fast and efficient file retrieval solutions becomes a priority. Document scanning makes it easy to share, search, store and re-file digital documents from multiple locations from almost anywhere. Your staff in multiple locations can access and view digitized documents simultaneously, collaborate and increase your workflow and productivity, without compromising your security.

Audit Compliance

Compliance is mandatory for most businesses. Digitized documents make it easier for your company to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations. Furthermore, digital files can be easily organized, indexed and produced to an auditor at a moments notice.

Better Customer Service

To provide consistent customer service can be hard, especially when you have customers in more regions. But when paper files are available electronically, your customers will benefit with faster response times and access to accurate information. Your employees will have the ability to search and cross-reference files and be able to address inquiries more efficiently.


Paper clutter is productivity´s worst nightmare. And paper files are not available to remote teams. That could present a challenge, especially now as remote work has become a growing necessity. Document scanning is one way to improve workflow and efficiency. Your local and remote staff can instantly locate and retrieve information without any time lost.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Fires, floods, natural disasters and the global pandemic destroy or limit access to paper documents. Fortunately, document scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery for your business. Digital images and data of your stored documents can be backed up to secure off-site servers and you’ll ensure your vital data is safe and easy to view when necessary.

Better Environment

Paperless workplace is clearly the best way to reduce our dependency on paper resources. Document scanning is good not only for your business but also the environment. Converting paper into digital files greatly reduces your business’ paper consumption, you will save money by using less energy and buying fewer printer products. All for a greener planet.

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