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Czech Social Security Administration | Delivery of Kodak scanners

The CSSA is the largest and, within the state administration of the Czech Republic, quite exceptional financial and administrative institution, which manages the agenda of more than 8.9 million clients, of whom approximately 2.9 million are pensioners. It pays out over 3.5 million pensions and an average of more than 300 000 sickness insurance benefits per month.

In addition to pension and sickness insurance, the CSSA also provides medical expertise services. It also performs tasks arising from interstate social security conventions and, under the European Union’s coordination regulations, is the liaison point with foreign institutions for sickness and maternity benefits, pensions and cash benefits in the event of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

More info: www.cssz.cz/web/cz


As part of its strategic objectives, which include, among other things, increasing the quality and availability of services through new and existing communication channels and a unified concept of communication and provision of information to clients, CSSA has decided to equip its workplaces with powerful scanning technology.


To process many different types of documents, we proposed the delivery of Kodak S2070 desktop scanners as the optimal solution for the daily processing of client documents at CSSA branches in the Czech Republic. The processing of large amounts of incoming documentation requires large capacity Kodak i4650 scanners, which we recommended for the selected workplaces. Along with the scanners, we provided the Kodak Capture Pro scanning application and Kodak Asset Management software for monitoring the scanner status.

We are currently providing service support for all provided solutions.


Kodak’s digitization technologies help to ensure uniformity of information, consistent access to all clients and an increase in the proportion of electronic communication with clients.

Used applications and hardware