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Johnson & Johnson Global Services Prague (J&J GS Prague) | Remittance Advice BPO 

The J&J GS Centre in Prague was established in March 2006, when it began providing services related to the processing of supplier invoices in the EMEA region. It later took over the receivables process, laying a key foundation for comprehensive financial support for business partners in the region. Thanks to its convenient location and globally successful ten-year history, the Prague centre has not only been providing financial support since 2016, but has also expanded into the areas of procurement and human resources.

More info: www.jnj.cz


Project for data capture from remittance advices received by e-mail, so that the remittance data can be automatically paired with the respective order and handover protocol in various information systems (SAP, etc.) in the shortest possible time – ideally near-on-line.


The solution is designed on the iCapta modular solution, using internally developed iCapta Collector and iCapta Log modules, and the iCapta (IBM) Datacap OCR system to obtain defined data. All remittances enter the processing electronically as an e-mail attachment, when the iCapta Collector application receives the delivered e-mail for further processing. After creating the batch, a new record is added to the iCapta Log database, in which the necessary document data are registered. In the next processing step, the created images are imported into the iCapta (IBM) DataCap OCR system, where an OCR layer is created and the required metadata is captured and are then manually validated by operators. The obtained metadata from each document are then available in the iCapta Log application, which provides comprehensive information about the document processing life cycle, including the data needed to create an export file for processing in the customer’s downstream systems.
At present, tens of thousands of remittances from 26 countries, including Europe and South Africa, are processed monthly.


Unlike manual matching, our near-on-line service allows the customer to speed up payment matching (Cash Application) as much as possible. The accelerated process then allows the customer to manage posted payments much sooner.

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