Invoice digitization

and individual approach to each customer help to simplify and streamline the processing of a large volume of received invoices. We understand your needs and provide customized solutions, be it invoice processing at our DigiCentre or on your premisses.


> faster approval process
> clear and transparent rules
> lower costs
> guarantee of output quality and processing times (SLA)

invoice digitization 500 300

> document collection via email or sFTP server
> capture of 21 data fields*
> capture of tax recap
> crosscheck with supplier master data
> format and data type check
> export in ISDOC or XML, CSV
> data accuracy min. 99%
> processing CZ, SK, EN and DE invoices
> continuous process monitoring


> collection and scan of paper documents
> non-standard data capture
> line items capture
> crosscheck with client’s own dictionaries
> validation with third party data (ARES)
> individual requests for system integration
> invoice processing in other languages
> tax document requirements check
> express processing within 1 or 4 hours
> electronic signature and time stamp

* Invoice number, Supplier ID (name, ID number, VAT number, VAT for VAT payments, Street, Street number, Postal code, City), Invoice type and description, Order number, Date (Issue, Due date, Date of taxable supply), Payment information (Variable symbol, Account number, Bank code, Currency code, Total amount), Tax recap, Original invoice number (for credit notes).