IBM Content

IBM Content Navigator

is a web client that provides users with a console for working with content from multiple content servers. IBM Content Navigator also enables users to create custom views of the content on the web client by creating team spaces, which provide a focused view of the relevant documents, folders, and searches that a team needs to complete their tasks. IBM Content Navigator also includes a powerful API toolkit that you can use to extend the web client and build custom applications.

IBM Content Navigator helps companies provide managed access to large volumes of electronic data. IBM Content Navigator enables users to search for and work with documents that are stored in content servers that are located around the world from a web browser.

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IBM FileNet Content Manager

provides enterprise content management, enabling you to manage your organization’s content and documents. The scalable software offers lifecycle management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content based application development, and compliance and governance. It helps you gain secure, mobile, anytime access across your content stores and supports your business processes.

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