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iCapta Capture

iCapta Capture – includes capture and data extraction from documents, validation, verification and file export. The nature of the project tells us what software elements to use.

iCapta Capture helps to streamline scanning, recognition, and classification of business documents and extract important information. iCapta Capture supports multi-channel processing of paper documents on scanners, mobile and multifunction devices.

It uses natural language processing technology, text analysis and progressive learning technology to classify and extract content from semi-structured or unstructured documents.


AI infused intelligent processing
Uses machine learning to automate the processing of complex or unknown formats, as well as highly variable documents that are difficult to capture with traditional systems.

Unlimited export
Allows you to export documents and information to a range of applications and content repositories.

Highly adaptable rules-based scanning
Offers configuration of scanning workflows and applications using a simple point-and-click interface to speed deployment.

Enriched mobility
Enables you to scan and send documents from the field using mobile devices. Increases accuracy with capture and validation at the scanning location, while accelerating content integration into a case file or business process.

Use of iCapta with RPA
RPA engine helps to integrate advanced document recognition into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. Uses Datacap MetaBot for easy integration.

Role-based content management data protection
Provides role-based redaction features that help protect sensitive data. Allows you to control confidential data, mask and restrict content so that users deliver only necessary content.

AI-powered intelligent search
It specializes in understanding business-specific natural language, semantics and document structure in order to serve up insights and concise answers from complex business documents. By doing so, it cuts research time by more than 75 percent. Watson Discovery uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to comprehend human language, allowing users to quickly and easily mine their business’s data for answers, and identify patterns and trends that they might not otherwise notice. Unlike our competitors, we can deploy our solution in any cloud or local environment.