Credit Management

Effectively determining and preventing customer credit risk

A professional credit management that actively and correctly determines customer credit risk while swiftly and flexibly responding to sales business needs is of paramount importance for any business that offers their goods and services on credit terms. Standardized best-practice processes put you in a position to identify credit risks and payments delays or defaults across your customer base ahead of time, enable you to prevent these risks and to secure and optimize your business’s liquidity.

Serrala Credit Management solution automates all your customer credit-related business operations, spanning from customer risk analysis, credit limit calculation and credit rating agency reports retrieval over processing of blocked credit holds to meeting credit insurance policy obligations and conducting compliance checks.

Serrala’s Credit Management solution gives you a comprehensive view of your customer.
credit management


> faster credit decision-making with automated risk assessment
> customizable scorecards for proactive credit

> compliance and risk management and robust analytics
> KYC (Know your client) functionalities for real-time customer validation