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Archive digitization

A significant step in digital transformation ensuring fast and easy access to information.

One-time digitization

We offer one-time digitization of any archive. Part of our services is the acquisition of descriptive data necessary for subsequent storage and easier retrieval of digitized documents in DMS, CMS or other storage.


We digitize archives and paper documents on our own premises or directly at the client. In this case, we will build the necessary infrastructure consisting of scanners, workstations and servers. At the same time, the client is provided with personnel resources.

Freeing up space

We are available to all archive owners who need to free up space in their archive or gain quick access to their stored documents.

Service description

Do you work in a bank, insurance company or other office and are you looking for a company that would help you with the digitization of your archives? Then you came to the right place. We offer archive digitization in our secure DigiCentre or or the option of delivering the necessary HW and SW, including trained staff, to your place of business. No matter how you decide about our digitization options, the provided solution will ensure lower costs and higher employee productivity.

We use Kodak document scanners for regular size documents. For larger formats, such as technical or construction drawings, we use large-format sheet fed scanners. Both types of scanners use Kodak Capture Pro software, which provides optical check of scanned images during scanning.

The quality and security of processing are essential for us. That is why offer an audit trail of all steps of the entire process via our ScanLog software. You can monitor the processing status of your documents at any time.

Who is the service for?

Our services include

How we helped our clients

Archive digitization, Document scanners

In 2012 and 2013 we participated in the project Ensuring data and information transfer in the territory of the Statutory City of Karlovy Vary. In order to minimize the risk of loss or damage of documents, we performed digitization directly at the customer’s premises.

Contact us

For more information about our services and solutions, write to us or call 267 009 911.