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SW services and support

We provide comprehensive solutions for automation of business processes and digitization of all types of documents. Our solutions are designed on the iCapta modular system platform developed by us, which we continuously develop and ensure its compatibility with operating and information systems.

Always up to date

We continuously update all solutions delivered to our customers to meet the current requirements and standards of information systems, technologies and virtualization tools; therefore, our solutions constantly support business continuity.

Flexibility of delivered solutions

All our solutions based on the iCapta platform are designed to fully meet the customer's requirements and his infrastructure parameters, and that is what sets up apart from the competition.

Experienced team

Our development team includes experienced and certified solution architects, programmers, ECM specialists and testers. All members of our development team continuously expand their knowledge.

SW service, customer support and product maintenance

Given rapid IT advancement and growth, continuous development and upgrades of software applications are crucial to their flawless functionality. This is why, as part of our software service, we provide our customers with software application updates for all supported software products. We are aware that the daily operation of every organization is very different, and therefore to supplement the installed and operated software with additional functions, features or extended use doesn’t present a problem for us. We provide our clients with full support in collaboration on a case study, technical project or complete custom software application development.

Our technical support will help you with troubleshooting, consulting new tasks or setting up and further development of your system. At the same time, we provide the latest versions of fixes, updates and upgrades for all delivered software. 
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Providing SW support and maintenance on behalf of the manufacturer, especially for

SW support services

Solution proposal

Every customer will find that we will design the optimal software solution based on their requirements. Based on initial analysis, we will gladly help all clients with the selection and recommendation of the most suitable functionality for the delivered solution, workflows, solution implementation and a proposal for possible improvements and program modifications to ensure the final result not only meets their current needs but also allows further future development.

Solution development and implementation
Naturally, we develop and implement all solutions based on our customers’ needs. An integral part of the process is also the verification and pilot operation, including the final infrastructure setup before the launch of production operation.

Programming services
We employ a team of experienced programmers who guarantee top-quality support for all applications delivered to our clients. In addition to special modules that allow the integration of digitization applications with information systems and the client’s infrastructure, our programmers have developed our own applications, such as ScanCollector and ScanLog. These are programs that are used during the scanning process or for searching in image archives.

Even after the installation is completed, our work doesn’t end. After the correct installation of software applications, we train our customers for actual work and individual tasks with installed applications. The scope and focus of the training are discussed with the customer in advance. The extent and focus of the training correspond to the specific needs of the customer and takes into account the expertise of specific staff who will perform individual operational activities. An integral part is the delivery of user and administrator documentation.

How we helped our clients

Document digitization, SW delivery

MONETA Stavební spořitelna, a.s. started its activity in 1993 under the name Wüstenrot – stavební spořitelna a.s. In 2011, we supplied Panasonic high-capacity scanners, Kodak Capture PRO scanning application and eFlow Integra OCR solution for digitizing 50 types of incoming documents. We are currently providing maintenance and required optimization and modifications to the system.

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For more information about our services and solutions, write to us or call 267 009 911.